Aventure Verticale Mazerin

Aventure Verticale Mazerin

Monitor harness with a pants-shaped protection, an integrated knife-holder and a tie designed especially for bags. Efficient for both canyoning and caving.

Designed according to the size and vertical height of the steep canyons on the Island of Reunion but also to meet the requirements and needs related to daily supervision, the Mazerin has been created for professionals who often use the rope climbing up system.

Like a seat harness, the pant-shaped protection helps you to remain in a well-seated position while suspended in the air for long periods of time.

The mobile leg loops that maintain the butt support strap in place are quick to take on and off, and relieve the groin from friction during approaches, exits, or transitions.

Tried and tested over many years and on several expeditions, this monitor sit-harness, with its strap to hold knives, its strap provided especially for bags, has proven its ability to perform for both canyoning and caving.

01 XS-M: maxi waist 95 cm (yellow belay loop)
02 M-L: maxi waist 115 cm (black belay loop)
03 XL: maxi waist 135 cm (mauve belay loop)
04 XL: maxi waist 155 cm (red belay loop)
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