CE4Y Sick Line (8.7mm)

CE4Y Sick Line (8.7mm)


A hyper static and ultralight 8.7mm rope or for those who don’t like to carry too much!

Light as a feather and extremely durable due to the thick rope sheath.

The highly cut- and abrasion resistant fibers (Dyneema) in the sheath and the lightweight core make this rope a perfect combination.

It floats easily and is ultra-light for its diameter.

The fibers are water repellent and the rope stay light when wet.

A hyper static cord has minimal elasticity! It cannot absorb the energy of a fall!

Due to the high-strength and very static fibres, the rope cannot and is not certified according to personal protection equipment (PPE) to protect against falls from a height!
The ropes are tested according to EN564 but do not meet the diameter requirements of this norm which covers only ropes up to 8mm.

Swiss Made:
Proudly produced and developed in Switzerland by a certified manufacturer for personal protective equipment.
Longer ropes up to 500m on request.

Technical information:

diameter: 8.7mm
breaking strength: 20kN
figure-8 knot strength: 13.5kN
weight: 42g/m
elongation (50kg-150kg): 1.8%
sheath: 45% sheath mass, material: UHMPE (Dyneema) & Polyester
core: 55% core ma
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