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You can call it barrel, keg, container, dry box, but most important is: This containers made of polyethylene are 100% waterproof. The screw lid with rubber gasket closes easily, even after years of use. Fits in every canyon- and speleo pack. Kegs are a great way to keep stuff dry. They protect your gear from water, and, with proper padding, from physical damage. Faster and easier to use than drybags, they last longer too. They fit well in larger packs
The larger sizes 10,4, 15,4 and 20 liters are suitable for bigger packs from 45 liters and larger (for example AV Water Grillée 45, Rodcle Takamaka 55L, Rodcle Consusa V2 45L).
They are food safe, almost unbreakable and tightly sealed with a grippy screw lid.
Also ideal for canoe and kayak tours, and on many other activities.


3.6 liters (20x17cm) size Small
6.4 liters (20x26,5cm) size Medium
10,4 liter (27x25cm) size Large
15,4 liter (33x27,4cm) size Extra Large
20 liter (44x27,4cm) size Extra Extra Large
(spare) parts can be ordered separately:
- Curver Lid for wide mouth barrel / keg
- Curver Seal ring for wide-mouth barrel / keg


Small Canyon Dry Keg (3.6 l)

Capacity: 3.6 liters (214 cubic inches)
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