Seland Iguazu 1-Piece Wetsuit (6/5/4mm)
  • Seland Iguazu 1-Piece Wetsuit (6/5/4mm)
  • Seland Iguazu 1-Piece Wetsuit (6/5/4mm)
  • Seland Iguazu 1-Piece Wetsuit (6/5/4mm)

Seland Iguazu 1-Piece Wetsuit (6/5/4mm)

What Seland Says: Double-lined Ultra-stretch neoprene steamer in 6, 5, and 4mm. Designed for canyon guides. With hood, High Thermal Stretch, and Elastic parts. Protected with Small Diamond and RF-06 Reinforcements. Possibility to remove the cap. Additional wetsuit specs are written below.'s Insight: The warmest wetsuit in our lineup. Suitable for running canyons in the shoulder season (early or late) and for those who go hard year-round, this is your suit. We love the generous chest pocket for our phone/camera and snacks. An additional small pocket is below for your whistle. This is a 1-Piece (Full) wetsuit for maximum warmth and compactability. It can sometimes be quite the conundrum trying to decide between a wetsuit or a drysuit. The Iguazu is the perfect wetsuit solution for rugged canyons like Heaps in Zion National Park where there is a worry of puncturing holes in your drysuit.
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- Chest and back in 6mm. Abdomen, thighs, and back in 5mm. Extremities in 4mm.
- Double-lined with High Thermal Stretch inside, which increases the thermal sensation all over the body, except at the extremities.
- Ultra-stretch neoprene on shoulders, arms, legs, armpits, and head for maximum comfort.
- YKK PVC zip, very water resistant. In a horizontal position on the chest close the suit with the hood.
- Additional Small Diamond reinforcement (high resistance material against the rubbing) on the buttocks, knees, and elbows.
- Hood with visor. Adjustable to the face with an inner Warm Plush to maintain the temperature.
- Pockets: One front pocket for the camera and a small one for the whistle (not included).
- Water drainage holes (in the double back piece and in the front pocket).
- Arms, legs, and butt with Small Diamond, a friction-resistant material.
- Seams protected with RF-06 (avoids snagging and wear).
- Reinforcement RF-06, the most resistant to rubbing in any terrain, and mouldable in water. On the elbows, knees, and hip pad.
- Possibility to remove the cap.

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